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World-renowned system dynamics modelers team up to provide clients with insights and solutions. 

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Specializing in System Dynamics Modeling

System Dynamics modeling has helped solve some of the most complex problems of our generation, from Boardroom to courtroom to locker room, from ships and planes to banks and claims. Our network brings together the best SD modelers to solve complex problems for clients.

Originating at MIT, this engineering control theory-based discipline enables us to simulate the performance and chart out the future of complex systems, and ask "What if...?"

Large impacts for clients in several arenas

Large-scale contractor-customer disputes resolved, yielding $ billions

Strategic advice that has saved companies and changed industries

Large project management analyses that have saved clients $ billions

Models of human biological systems to help find cures for HIV, diabetes and more.

Professional sports team modeling to help build an NFL dynasty

See our Classic Papers and Insights pages  (in the "More" Tab above) for examples of past work.

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We are available to discuss potential client assignments that may benefit from our particular set of skills and decades of experience.

Join our network if you are an experienced practitioner of system dynamics, and want to work on a flexible schedule, when your interests align with assignment needs.

Our original members include past presidents of the System Dynamics Society: Khalid Saeed, George Richardson, David Andersen, and Jim Lyneis. 

Prospective clients and team members may contact us via email: Ken.Cooper@CooperSD.com.

We periodically release insight papers on a variety of subjects. Let us know here if you would like to receive them.

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The Cooper SD Network

We bring together highly experienced system dynamics modelers to work in teams, helping executive clients solve their most complex problems.

To learn more now, see our Classic Papers and Insights pages  (in the "More" Tab above) .

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