OUR HERITAGE: Winning cases ... Saving companies ... Changing industries

Cases led by members of The Cooper SD Network have had enormous impact. "In the courtroom", we have led many analyses of "delay and disruption" assessing cost responsibility on major projects and programs, all to unprecedented success for our clients.

In the Boardroom

Companies that once struggled with large persistent problems have used our members' modeling work to... identify successful strategies that yielded a dramatic turnaround in market share and changed industry practices....determine how to manage proactively the potentially massive bottom-line impact of changes on big projects...save large defense development programs from cost and schedule failure.

For the World

One of the more societally important arenas of our members' work has been in biomedical research. The premise has been to build simulation models of the (inherently feedback-intensive) systems of the human body. With such first-of-a-kind models we can better understand complex systemic disorders such as HIV, Type 1 Diabetes, cancers, and more...and experiment in silico with otherwise elusive combination therapies to find cures.