Project Management Insights

A Guide to the Classic Papers

The issues addressed in the classic papers here (in the "More" Tab above)  are encountered in projects ranging from aerospace to software to civil construction... indeed, most major projects experience these dynamics.

Keys to Project Performance

The often-overlooked phenomena of Rework and Undiscovered Rework are responsible for key problem dynamics in projects--learn about them in our Classic Papers,"Four Failures" and "Managing Fluor"

The $2000 Hour

In "Four Failures" see the quantified effects of skill dilution, overtime, schedule pressure--how they impact productivity and rework, and hence project cost and schedule performance.

A New Theory of Projects

See the nearly universal dynamics of projects summarized in pages 7-10 of  "Managing Fluor"--phenomena observed and analyzed in hundreds of projects. Learn why traditional tools fail managers in "Four Failures".

Change Impacts Quantified

"Managing Fluor" also quantifies the project cost impact of different types and amounts of changes and late information, as well as cost-schedule tradeoffs (see the graphics on pages 11-14).

Delay & Disruption & Claims

The Dark Side of project management comes into play when projects overrun cost and schedule targets. Who is responsible for how much? See "Managing Dynamics Fluor" for an explanation of secondary impacts, ripple effects, disruption...and how to deal with them.